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Today is the 2nd Saturday of December – so here is a Learning from a book I have read. Do share your comments as always…..





1)    Happy are they that can hear their detractions and put them to mending.


2)    When a CEO expresses his opinion everyone jumps to attention. The higher you go, the more your suggestions become orders.


3)    The CEO thinks he is merely tossing an idea against the wall to see if it sticks. His employees think he is giving them direct command.


4)    The CEO thinks he is running a democracy where everyone is allowed to voice their opinions. His employees think its a monarchy, with the CEO as the king.


5)    The CEO thinks he is giving the people the benefit of his experience. His employees see it as micromanaging and excessive meddling.


6)    It is not that these people don’t know who they are or where they’re going or what they want to achieve. Nor is that they don’t have an adequate sense of self worth. In fact they tend to be very successful. Whats wrong is that they have no idea how their behaviour is coming across to the people who matter – their bosses, colleagues, subordinates, customers and clients. (and thats not just true at work, the same goes for their home life as well)


7)    They think they have all the answers, others see it as arrogance


8)    They think they are contributing to a situation with helpful comments, but others see it as butting in


9)    They think they are delegating effectively, but others see it as shirking responsibilities


10) They think they are holding their tongue, but others see it as unresponsiveness


11) They think they are letting people think for themselves, but others see it as ignoring them.


12) Once a journalist told me that the most important thing he has learnt in his career is this – “Put a comma in the wrong place and the whole sentence is screwed up.”


13) A chef at one of my favourite restaurants in San Diego told me that his signature dish succeeds or fails on one secret ingredient (which, like Coca cola’s heavily guarded recipe he refuses to reveal). Leave it out and the patrons ‘ plates come back half – eaten. Sprinkle it in the right proportion and the plates come back clean.


14) It doesn’t take much to get people reoriented – out of the maze and back on the right path. The problems we would be looking in this book are not life – threatening deseases (although ignored for too long, they can destroy a career). They are not deep routed neurosis that require years of therapy or tons of medication to erase. More of than not, they are simple behavioural tics – bad habits that we repeat dozens of times a day in the work place – which can be cured by:


  • Pointing them out
  • Showing the havoc they cause among the people surrounding us
  • Demonstrating that with a slight tweak we can achieve a much more appealing effect.


15) I train people to behave effectively in the workplace – by enrolling them in a simple but brutal regimen.

  • First i solicit “360 degree feedback” from their colleagues – as many i can talk to, up, down, sidewards in the chain of command often including family members for comprehensive assessment of their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Then I confront them with what others actually think of them. Assuming that they accept  this information, agree they have room for improvement, and commit to changing their behaviour, then I show them how to do it.
  • I help them to apologize to everyone affected by their flawed behaviour
  • I help them to advertise their efforts to get better because you have to tell people that you are trying to change; they wont notice on their own.
  • Then i help them follow up religiously every month or so with their colleagues because its the only honest way to find out how you are doing and it also reminds people you are really trying
  • As an integral part of the follow up process, i teach people to listen without prejudice to what their colleagues, family members and friends are saying – that is listen without interrupting or arguing.





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