ROL 146

Feb 14, 2016 By Arindam Chatterjee

ROL 146
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Happy Valentines Day to all MY FAIR FRIENDS!!!!


I was in Mumbai in the first week of 2016 for a workshop which I co facilitated with Birender (Vicky) Ahluwalia -  my friend, fellow trainer and MD of an interesting company called Positivity Company.

With Vicky around you, two things are guaranteed – GOOD FOOD FOR THOUGHT AND GOOD FOOD FOR STOMACH!!

He took me to a Tea joint called CHAYOS , where I saw real CRM being demonstrated by the 3 member team. This ROL is dedicated to these 3 people – 2 gentleman and a lady – all should be in their early 20’s.

The moment you enter the restaurant , all the 3 say in the top of their voice in unison in a sing song voice WELCOME TO CHAYOS!!

They do sometimes might startle you with their loud voice, but you do feel special!!!

Within seconds, after you have sat down in the tastefully furnished seaters, one of the TRIO comes to you for taking the order. You can also go up to the counter and order. I could see 4 – 5 varieties of tea – from the ordinary to the exotic!! There are also delectable items on the snack item. Vicky, who is a regular there, knew exactly what to order. When I told him, I am hungry, he, in his inimitable friendly and empathetic voice told me, “Good now leave it to me to order.”

He went up to the counter and ordered. Within minutes he was coming to me with a tray laden with sumptuous feast of Kheema pav, vegetable sandwich and hot piping tea (I had ordered the Mumbai Masala Chai).

I could not eat the complete spread, so Vicky asked one of the TRIO to pack it for me. The packet also was done neatly.

I loved the broad smile in all the three constantly – despite the fact the small joint was chock a block full. Many of them lost in their laptops – with a serious look in their faces. The best part is none of the TRIO disturbed them, even though they might have just ordered a cup of tea and some snacks – which was consumed long back.

I also noticed the TRIO having some small talks with their regulars – Vicky of course was one of the REGULARLY REGULAR. What was interesting is that the TRIO also spoke to the new comers engaging them in friendly conversations.

Like me, I am sure there are many new comers who would love to come back again and again.

Do try it in case you happen to go to Mumbai (for non Mumbaikars)

I wish CHAYOS team all the very best.

Reflection: Have a good service mindset. It matters.


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Training Profile


  • I enjoyed the two days thoroughly…

    “I enjoyed the two days thoroughly.”


  • It was a wonderful experience…

    “It was a wonderful experience. Love to attend more such workshops.”


  • This workshop would definitely help me…

    “This workshop would definitely help me in both my professional and personal life. Thank you Chats”


  • This is the first workshop…

    “This is the first workshop where I did not sleep.”

    M Junction

  • Chats made the session interesting…

    “Chats made the session interesting, invigorating, educative at the same time amusing. ”


  • It was a great learning experience…

    “It was a great learning experience.”


  • You have been a great sport by cracking jokes…

    Dear Chats,
    “You have been a great sport by cracking jokes and giving relevent references every now & then to show all practical aspects of the ideas for which the training was meant…. Really had a great time….

    Please accept my heart felt thanks ….
    May God bless you & your family now & always…”


  • It was indeed a great pleasure attending your training programme…

    “It was indeed a great pleasure attending your training programme which was
    very enjoyable. Would like to implement it to the maximum extent possible.
    Meanwhile I wish you and your family a VERY HAPPY DURGA PUJA.”
    Best Regards,

    Hindalco Industries Limited


  • Very Good Morning & Many Many Thanks for your beautiful & Meaningful…

    “Very Good Morning & Many Many Thanks for your beautiful & Meaningful
    Training for 17th & 18th Oct’2012.”

    Hindalco Industries Ltd

  • This is the best training program I have attended..

    “This is the best training program I have attended.”

    United Spirits Nepal Ltd.

  • Thank you very much for the multiple sessions on Leadership..

    Dear Chats,

    “Thank you very much for the multiple sessions on Leadership. This was very much required for us. Hope I will take forward this learning and inculcate in my Personal & Professional life.”

    Thanks & Best Regards,

    Siemens Information Systems Ltd.

  • It was a great experience for me to attend this workshop…

    Dear Chats,

    “It was a great experience for me to attend this workshop, and trust me I’m not faking anything! And thanks for your appreciation for the group!Will keep in touch”


    Siemens Information Systems Ltd.

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