ROL 149

Mar 6, 2016 By Arindam Chatterjee

ROL 149
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NEWS FROM THE TRAINING FRONT: I am extremely happy to inform you that I returned last night after an eventful, engrossing, enlightening and engaging training trip of 13 days (21st Feb – 5th Mar). During this trip, I facilitated 6 modules, 8 training days covering 214 participants spread over 3 locations. Though it was mentally taxing, the feedback received from each of these workshops were more than enough to compensate the pressure.


ROL: 149


In my earlier ROL (ROL 147), I had mentioned about my two friendly drivers Rakesh and Chiku. This ROL is about a disturbing incident shared by Rakesh.

Rakesh has been driving taxi for over 15 years now and normally never refuses any passenger (I am sure you have experienced many taxi drivers refusing to go where you want to go).

One evening he had taken a passenger to Khiddirpur, which is a dock area. This is not a very safe area especially after dark due to many anti social elements. It was beginning of December and as it was already quite dark, Rakesh wanted to go off from that area as fast as possible.

He had just started when a passenger stopped him. He was a middle aged person and he wanted to go to Sealdah Station. Since it was on the way home, Rakesh was happy to get a passenger so he won’t have to come empty.

Since it was quite chill, the passenger asked him to stop in front of a tea shop. He brought two cups of tea – one for himself and one for Rakesh. He told Rakesh to finish the tea and he would go and get a bag from his place, which was right across the road.

The moment Rakesh finished the tea, he started feeling drowsy. He did not stop even for a second – he know what had happened – the tea was drugged!!

Rakesh took off and within a few moments he passed off. He woke up in a hospital. There were some policemen standed around him.

Once he came to senses, the policemen told him, he was in the hospital for over 48 hours, they were waiting for him to come to senses before asking him questions.

It took Rakesh few moments to gather his wits. Then he shared everything with the police. An inspector told Rakesh, they found him unconscious in the middle of the road with the motor still on. They took him to the Government Hopsital nearby.

Rakesh shared his address and within an hour his family members were informed about his condition. They were naturally very worried and had also lodged a missing diary with the police station.

He was discharged the next day. The Inspector told him, they were looking for a group who were drugging drivers in the similar fashion and fleeing with the taxis.

I had goose bumps when Rakesh was sharing this incident.

Reflections – Never take anything from strangers.




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Training Profile


  • I enjoyed the two days thoroughly…

    “I enjoyed the two days thoroughly.”


  • It was a wonderful experience…

    “It was a wonderful experience. Love to attend more such workshops.”


  • This workshop would definitely help me…

    “This workshop would definitely help me in both my professional and personal life. Thank you Chats”


  • This is the first workshop…

    “This is the first workshop where I did not sleep.”

    M Junction

  • Chats made the session interesting…

    “Chats made the session interesting, invigorating, educative at the same time amusing. ”


  • It was a great learning experience…

    “It was a great learning experience.”


  • You have been a great sport by cracking jokes…

    Dear Chats,
    “You have been a great sport by cracking jokes and giving relevent references every now & then to show all practical aspects of the ideas for which the training was meant…. Really had a great time….

    Please accept my heart felt thanks ….
    May God bless you & your family now & always…”


  • It was indeed a great pleasure attending your training programme…

    “It was indeed a great pleasure attending your training programme which was
    very enjoyable. Would like to implement it to the maximum extent possible.
    Meanwhile I wish you and your family a VERY HAPPY DURGA PUJA.”
    Best Regards,

    Hindalco Industries Limited


  • Very Good Morning & Many Many Thanks for your beautiful & Meaningful…

    “Very Good Morning & Many Many Thanks for your beautiful & Meaningful
    Training for 17th & 18th Oct’2012.”

    Hindalco Industries Ltd

  • This is the best training program I have attended..

    “This is the best training program I have attended.”

    United Spirits Nepal Ltd.

  • Thank you very much for the multiple sessions on Leadership..

    Dear Chats,

    “Thank you very much for the multiple sessions on Leadership. This was very much required for us. Hope I will take forward this learning and inculcate in my Personal & Professional life.”

    Thanks & Best Regards,

    Siemens Information Systems Ltd.

  • It was a great experience for me to attend this workshop…

    Dear Chats,

    “It was a great experience for me to attend this workshop, and trust me I’m not faking anything! And thanks for your appreciation for the group!Will keep in touch”


    Siemens Information Systems Ltd.

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